Developing your leadership skills – Steps To Success

1.A Try to be your own person. By all means observe good leaders in action and learn what you can from them, but don’t mimic them. Be yourself, but get the training you need to take your skills to the next level.

2.A Remember the importance of context.there is many different management style to suit a variety of occasion. Be flexible and be prepared to change your style depending on what you need to do and who you are working with at the time.

3.A Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. We don’t wake up in the morning instinctively knowing how to deal with every tricky situation we might come across at work, so do ask for help if you need it .your manager, mentor, or a trusted colleague are good ports of call and their advice copied with your own thoughts about how best to approach a situation will help you as you build your own brand of leadership.

4.A Give yourself a chance. If you are new to a job or company, your first few months.  in a new role, especially one with management responsibilities ,can be challenging. Don’t get too downhearted if things don’t go to plan: everyone makes mistakes. Reflect on what has happened; think about lessons to be learned. act on them as appropriate, and move on.

5.A Don’t over promise. Its tempting to get people on side by telling them exactly what they want to hear, but you will end up backing yourself into a corner.

6.A Tread carefully at the first if you are introducing change. People knee-jerk reaction to change tends to be negative, but if you bring it in gradually, you will get a less panicky response.

7.A Lead by example. You can’t expect others to behave professionally if you don’t.

8.A Be very careful about what you say- and to whom- about your colleagues at work even if they are driving you mad .Use your common sense and be discreet, however angry or upset you are.