Get Engaged: Give and Take 100 Percent from Your Job

Listed in the chart below are examples of what you give and receive from your job. Consider how much you currently give and what you currently take. Determine what you need to do to create equity between the two.

 Give 100 Percent at work !!

 • Your attention (be present).

• Your strategic thinking skills.

• Your knowledge and perspective.

• Your insights on what can be improved or new opportunities.

• Positive and constructive attitude toward co-workers and the company (even if you may not agree with them).

• Take initiative and look for opportunities to change or role model what you don’t like about your company or environment (as opposed to complain).

• Follow through on commitments.

• Execute work on time and with top quality.

• Give the appropriate amount of time to your job.

 Take 100 Percent !!

 • Appropriate salary and benefits.

• Appropriate job title.

• Career development opportunities.

• Stimulating work or projects.

• Opportunities to learn new skills.

• Opportunities to learn from co-workers.

• Build relationships.

• Opportunities to travel.

• Opportunities to try a new role.

• Your specific needs.

I find it intresting, so thought to share with you, thanks to CareerSmart Advisor