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Ferguson’s Formula

Ferguson’s Formula


Finally dream come true on15 July 2013,

It was awesome experience raiding my Iron Bull. HYD – RAMAPPA TEMPLE – HYD.  It was some thing i have never done in my life and it was a 1st experience with some of my friends.

This Ride  given me some good friends or you can say more than friends and all of them have only one intentions, that is  Ride Ride Ride ….

This was my 1st long ride with Gangs of Freemen…..

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The entire gang is crazy about riding the bike…. It was Approx 450 KM ride, We enjoyed a lot !!!



Inceptions of “FREEMEN” – Hyderabad

One evening  at dinner table discussion, Inception  of FreeMen took a place of Riding Club.

Welcome to the Freemen !!!!!

@Freemen, we believe that if you can dream it, you can do it !!


We are a bunch of level headed guys share the love for bikes and escapades, but all are welcome, but that goes without saying. We have no strings attached. Please take the time to read the profile and find out what we are all about. Other than that, enjoy the ride.




We are a motorcycle riding club. We do not have a charter or pay dues.

We have very few rules.

We ride our bikes and enjoy the nature..

We don’t care what you ride…

as long as you CAN ride.

We do care how you dress…as long as you show up properly.

Our influences range from Hell’s  Angels…to James dean.

We consider the all members of the Freemen club equal…and will honor the club they created.

Freemen club is an EPIC of endurance, effort, brotherhood and association of free minds.

Riding is not just confined to number of rides. Today, it’s all about being about multifaceted.

At Freemen, we understand this and work towards honing rider’s skill, passion, creativity and respect towards brotherhood………..

Somanchi Ramanna – +91 9000179090

P.Omender – +91 9703898555
Amit Singh – +91 8297006222