my notes from “5 Levels of the leadership – John Maxwell”

5 Levels of the leadership

5-levels-of-leadership1.    Positions
Right – people follow because they have to.

2.    Permission
Relationships – People follow because they wanted to.

3.    Productions
Result – People follow because of what you have done for the organization.

4.    People Development
Reproductions – People follow because of what you have done for them.

5.    Personhood
Respect – People follow because of who you are and what you represent.



Climbing the steps of leadership
1.    The higher you go, the longer it takes.
2.    The higher you go, the higher level of commitment.
3.    The higher you go, the easier it is to lead.
4.    The higher you go, the greater your success.
5.    You never leave a level below, you build on it.
6.    As a leader, You would not be on the same level with all of your people.
7.    You must work to carry other leaders with you up the steps.

There key level of leadership.
•    Permission – your ability to connect with people.

Connecting thoughts
•    Connecting with people begins with caring for the people. You can love people without leading them, but you cannot lead people without loving them.

o    High Achievers —
Cared about people as well as profits.
o    Low Achievers–
Were preoccupied with their own security.

o    High Achievers —
Viewed subordinates optimistically
o    Low Achievers–
Showed a basic distrust of subordinates

o    High Achievers —
Sought advice… were listeners
o    Low Achievers —
Avoided communications
Relied on policy manuals

Connecting with people continues by communicating with people. Connecting with people by communicating HELP to them:

  • Hope
  • Encouragement
  • Love
  • Personal Value

•    Productions – your ability to lead people and the organizations.

The ability to produce.

Survey Result  : The most influential in evaluating an employee for the promotions.
96% specific accomplishments
4% seniority.

•    People development – your ability to grow and train people.

Three Mt. Everest Questions
1.    What is my dream. ?
2.    Who is on my team ?
3.    What should my dream team looks like ?

The future of the team is predicted by three things ….
o    Recruitment – who is joining the team ?
o    Training – Are the team members being developed ?
o    Losses – Who is leaving the team ?

Keys to find and keeping good people
o    Recruit them strategically.
o    Develop them continually.
o    Place them correctly.
o    Value them highly.

•    What you plan for developing yourself ?
•    What your plan for developing your people ?