Welcome home dad permanently, The new journey begins ….

Papa, Today you will retire.
papa 1
It is a day you’ve looked forward. It will bring with vacations, your yoga lessons, spending time at your home town, your morning walk, family time, new activities, volunteering, spending time with your grandchildren and the chance to sleep in (will you even be able to?). As much as you will have the opportunity to no longer work, I doubt you will stop working. It seems a part of your DNA, I believe the work will continue…
With that, I want to honor you for working hard on behalf of your family. I have been, and continue to be, a recipient of your faithfulness and effort.
Papa, here are several lessons you have taught me through the years….
You taught me to work hard.
You taught me to work hard without complaining.
You taught me that work doesn’t end when you arrive home.
You taught me the value of family.
You taught me the value of not quitting.
You taught me the value of staying flexible.
You taught me the value of loving my wife. You loved Mom. You’d protect her in those moments when her boys/girls were less than 100% respectful. Thank you for so loving your wife so that I might better love mine.
PAPA, on this day, the day of your retirement,
I salute you….
I toast you…..
I thank you…..
I am so proud to be Bijayendra Prasad’s Son.
You are a great father & a good human. Congratulations PAPA, on your retirement from your kids !!!
Welcome home dad permanently, The new journey begins ….

Proactive Experimentation (Experiment with new approach and solutions.)

If you experiment proactively , you will tend to ..

  • Actively engage change
  • Test your idea in practical
  • Take reasonable risk
  • Try new activity

You will initiate experiments with innovative solutions to see if they work, you will take leap and see what happens. If an approach does not pan out, you will regroup and try something else.

Here is five practical things you can do to improve your ability to experiment proactively—

  1. Identify a small experiment you could make to try out a new approach to an unfamiliar situations.
  2. Think about challenging situations you are currently facing. Articulate the worst-case scenario as clearly as possible, and determine how would prepare yourself to address each risk.
  3. Team up with the friends or colleague who you see as successful risk taker, and talk through your concerns and objections about specific change initiative. See if you can identify how your assumptions regarding the risks differ from his /her perspective.
  4. Try viewing the risk associated with the change initiative as a win-win situation – even if you are not immediately successful, what could you learn from assuming the risk ?
  5. Find a person who is good at proactive experimentation, and ask him /her to coach you..


–Source “managing change with personal resilience”