chappels to every school kids

It all started with TEDxHyderababSalon – Education.

As a part of TEDxHyderabad organizer group, we visited Yerravalli before the events for the recce purpose and meet head master of the primary school of Yerravalli village. Everything looks normal as a village and had a great attention/support for the events from villagers & school staff.

We planned TEDxHyderabadsalon – Education @Yerravalli, Vikarabad

The Big day – 17th July 2016, had an opportunity to meet with school students. Villagers, kids & staff welcome TEDxHyderabadSalon crew.

We had a small community engagement actions planned for all the TEDxHyderabadSalon attendees & thought leaders to plant few trees along with primary school kids, while going towards plantation area along with these kids I realized approx. 98% kids do not have any chappels or shoe or sleepers, they ware barefoot walking towards the plantation area, the age of these kids between five to ten years.

I could not able to judge my feeling, it was mixed of emotion, confused, scared, and heavy heart.

Mind started exploring what can be done to overcome this situations  for kids, sparkling started inside & thought to create a marketplace for donate chappls for these kids…

Decided our mission: chappels to every school kids. ( )

I am here to seek your help & support for this initiative. Without your help and support we cannot achieve “chappels to every school kids”

Jai Hind!!

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