21 keys for bouncing back, staying on top, and going with the flow of change in your life

Adopting to change:-

  1. Recognize the change is here to stay
  2. Understand the loss of control is at heart of the change
  3. Understand the importance of resilience in adopting to change
  4. Know your quota for change
  5. Become more conscious of your own response to change
  6. Expect the unexpected so that you are rarely surprised,
  7. Be ready for resistance, weather you view a change as positive or negative.
  8. Know your orientations to change – danger or opportunity

Seven Facts of resilience

  1. Understand the key element of resilience.
  2. Look for the opportunity at changing situations.
  3. Develop a “can-do” attitude .
  4. Keep your focus on long term goal and priority.
  5. Generate a wide range of possibilities to creatively address uncertainty.
  6. Reach out to others for perspective and support.
  7. Create structure approaches to managing ambiguity.
  8. Experiment with new approaches and solutions.

Enhancing Resilience

  1. Maintain a dynamic balance among the seven resilience characteristics
  2. Create a resilience development plan
  3. When working in team, use the power of synergy to leverage individual resilience characteristics,
  4. Work in a nimble organization if you can, and help make the one you are in more nimble.
  5. Take resilience with you wherever you go.

–Source “managing change with personal resilience”

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