Writing a book is easy. Writing a poem is easy, writing a prose or a letter is easy but when I put down my pen to write I just can see a bumpy road with all ups and downs. My life is not a learning for others but first a learning for me. Whenever I look down I get so much to learn from all my achievements and all my mistakes. My life started from a small village in Bihar from the land of Chapra District (Sonpur) then moved to the land of steel Bokaro Steel City, where my grooming begun.

I started my school big play ground huge buildings and noise of students strict teachers loads to study and hell lot of competition but no one had yet figured out what my dreams where. School days were moving fast and my dreams growing big. Finally the day came when I had to decide what I wanted to do. Everyone was running behind government jobs, some wanted to be clerk, some wanted to crack bank jobs some wanted to be teachers but my eyes were seeing a different world. The era was of computers, Bill Gates was not only an icon for US but a role model for many young Indians. This machine was everywhere and the curiosity to know more about it was growing in my mind. So I made up my mind and I planned to pursue Bachelor Degree in Computer Applications. Many said my decision was wrong; many had no clue what my plan was much criticism and less appreciation but apart all it had to be my decision.

So a new journey began at college, every day was like a battle away from home but the process of learning never ended. I had made up my mind, I had to master this computers. So day and night I marched on the roads which lead me to be called a network engineer. I started my career as Technical Support Executive and then I never looked back the journey went on and on from one place to the other every company I worked was like a diamonds I found every up and down in the career taught me how to grow big and strong in any organization, I did my Masters thinking work of a tech savvy is not only technical but ethical and you are not paid for being a hard worker but you are paid for being a smart worker.

Today I as a techno-managerial role of an organization not only manage a machine but manage people so your dreams never end them just keep growing, as my dreams yet growing, the list of desires not ending and the urge to learn still blooming. At work I am at ease working on tasks which require me to interact and work with a group and also comfortable working on tasks all by myself. I like challenges and enjoy working on new technologies.

As I am an extremely energetic person who wants more and more out of life. I love my family, my work & my friends and also like meeting new people.

I am Husband, Dad, Son, Brother, Friend & Student.

I love photography, riding bike and cooking and try to ensure that I find time to spend on these activities on a regular basis.

I feel a need to look beyond myself and my family and am working for opportunity where I can work for others and make a difference in their lives and also leave me more content and fuller human being.

Helping the less fortunate is my greatest passion and the satisfaction of improving another person’s life is my biggest reward.

I do what I love & I love what I do.

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