Are You A Great Worker? by Paul T. P. Wong

 Here is a set of 21 questions to measure whether you are a great worker, who provides added values to your organization. Reflect on your answers and decide on how to improve yourself:
1. Do you consistently make the extra effort to find better ways to improve your performance at work?
2. Do you dedicate some time to self improvement and self education?
3. Do you always do your best regardless of the circumstances?
4. In the last week, did you ever encourage someone at work, whether it is your co-worker, supervisor or subordinate?
5. Do you often go beyond the call of duty to help someone in your organization?
6. Have you ever used your power or position to make things difficult for other workers?
7. Has anyone ever commented that you are such a positive person or have a very positive influence at work?
8. Have you intentionally done something to make the work place more pleasant and positive place to work?
9. Have you intentionally said something good about your co-worker or boss?
10. Have you take credits for the great ideas from others?
11. Have you ever used bureaucratic control to assert your power?
12. Do you accentuate the positive in every situation?
13. Are you generous in sharing information and other resources with others?
14. Do you celebrate co-workers’ success?
15. Have you ever sabotaged co-workers to make sure that they do not outshine you?
16. Do you love your work in spite of the negative sides?
17. Do you speak up with honesty and respect if senior management plan to do something that may have a negative effect on morale and productivity?
18. Have you ever blamed others for your mistakes or poor performance?
19. Do you frequently provide suggestions to your superior on how to improve the process and increase productivity?
20. Have you ever bad-mouthed your co-workers in order to make yourself look good.
21. Do you do everything within your power to contribute to corporate success, even when your efforts are not recognized or rewarded?

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