create an engaging customer experience by implementing a simple four-step framework.

Any organizations can create an engaging customer experience by implementing a simple four-step framework.  These four concepts can be used to engage customer in a ways that make them feel they are in an active, committed relationship with your organizations.

Convenient: this is a most basic rule of the customer engagement, When your customer want to find you, they require easy to contact  and short waiting time, and they want you to be available 24×7 through a verity of customer channels spanning  phone, self-service, email, chat, sms, or social media.

Competent: You need to ensure that you have the right resources supporting you. This means that the people interacting with customers need to have access to all necessary information regardless if the interactions are taking place on the phone, web, social media or smartphone. Because every interaction creates a lasting impression, your resource s needs to get it right the first time. In today’s world you do not get many second chances.

Personalized: Customers like to feel special, do not we all? You need to intimately know your customer the moment they contact you in the order to cater to their specific needs. To do this, you need to leverage every ounce of information you have about your customer.

Proactive: You need to immediately anticipate your customers’ needs without them having to tell you. Consider the following Scenarios: Is not it nice whenever your favorite restaurant makes recommendations based on your preference? Your customers are no difference. Your should inform them about relevant products, services or information. And every customer interaction is an opportunity to add additional value to deepen the relationship. Your customer will appreciate that you are taking the initiative.



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