Decide on how to start empowering those who reports to you

First, you will need to understand the values, goals & motivations of the people who are key to your success. Once you have identified their passions & what drives them, you can align this knowledge with what you feel needs to be done in the business, if you unsure, ask your colleagues to share their aims & objectives, & to explain both what & how they wish to contribute in order to achieve this personal vision.
One of the best ways to empower your colleagues is by creating a coaching culture within your team, you could try using the GROW model as a framework for your coaching conversations:
G:  What is the Goal?

R:  What is reality? What point are you standing from?

O:  What are your opinions? What ideas have you got to get you from R to G?

W:  Which way will you go? Which options will you choose and what is your plan to get you there?

Remember that effective delegations is another proven way to start opening up to empowerment, as it gives team members a chance to take responsibility and own a goal or objective for themselves

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