Self Motivation is not a challenge, it is an art!!

Boosting up one’s own energy and maintaining it in all the situations of life. If we are done with this then, we are not only self motivated but also motivating other’s around through our thoughts and deeds.

How to retain our “self” away from getting irritated and stopping from energy loss?

  • Keep thinking good things and convert those good thoughts into deeds.
  • When there is a problem, get out of the problem and see it as problem alone to find quick solutions.
  • Never drown into the issue and in such case of emotional stages, seek your mentor, friend’s help who is a rational thinker. Because many solutions will come out when we are out of emotions.
  • Bridge the Gap between inner self and the outer world.
  • Spend time with nature when you feel you are exhausted and nature will help to regain your energy level.
  • Spend time with positive thinkers and energetic people so that you also get the hopes back.
  • Happiness is a mindset. When we run behind materialistic needs and fulfilment then we tend to be dis-satisfied and get into the world of sorrow. Know your limits and proceed on in line to succeed with inner happiness.
  • Never compare yourself with other people instead see what you have been blessed with to lead the life peacefully.
  • Never under – estimate your inner power and feel proud of yourself and let go if you are not capable of doing something which can be done by others.
  • Motivate others who are weak and the same will come back to you with extended helping hand.

 Accepting the truth about ‘self’ by knowing the strengths and weaknesses, will give more energy to be happy always and sorrow will be unknown word of dictionary in your life as you are close to the truth. Unique is something which we always need to keep in mind and never feel inferior of self about in-capabilities.

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