Ten Steps for Dynamic Customer Engagement.

Before you start down the road of formulating a strategy and executing it tactically, you must stop and realize one thing “An effective dynamic customer engagement strategies start with putting the customer at the center of everything you do.”

Gain Executing Sponsorship: Executing a dynamic customer engagement strategy necessarily involves looping in countless organizations across your company, Not an easy task!!

The success of any dynamic customer engagement initiative requires executive support. Where to start? Start with your senior level executive. From there connect the dots with other senior-level managers & executive responsible for customer service and sales. Once you gain critical mass with your executive team, you will find your process become lot easier.

Ask The Tough Question: Create your own list of self-assessment criteria that spans the five dynamic customer engagement building blocks (Interactions, Resource, Infrastructure, and Process & Performance). Once you are aware of gaps and weakness, you will be in a better place to formulate a cohesive strategy and plan of attack.

Do Not forget IT: After you and your business executive formulate a dynamic customer engagement strategy, there one major item that you may have forgotten: The IT Organizations.

Although many business decision drive IT requirement, the IT organizations is required to implement any solution. Existing investments, migration plans, technology platforms, security, data management and other variable need to be taken into considerations, so engage your IT organizations early in the strategy development process.

Break down the Walls: Organizations silos create interaction challenges whenever customers’ changes interaction channels (phone, web, and mobile) because these channels are managed by different fiefdoms and may be unaware of previous conversations. Technology walls create a separate challenge as critical customer data and applications are inaccessible or present multiple views to those interactions with customers. As you built suppose for your dynamic customer engagement initiative with key executing, determine how they can help you break down these walls.

Engage the back office: whatever happens in the back office has a direct effect on the front office/contact center. If a customer request or process is broken in the back office, the contact center is the first to hear about it. The back office must be part of your dynamic customer engagement strategy. As such, every customer related work items, process or fax should be treated with the same care and urgency as an incoming call.

Invest in the web and mobile channels: Over the next few years, the web will become the primary hub through which companies interact with their customers. At the same time mobile devices will also become a primary means for the delivering a quality customer experience. The traditional phone will still retain a vital role in your customer engagement strategies but will be focused on high values conversations. Your company need to incorporate web & mobile (and traditional phone) channels into a cohesive strategies to remain competitive and relevant in a changing marketplace.

Use what you have got: Most company turn queasy whenever presented with a new business initiative. Often, there scenario create a perception where companies need to spend more money for additional technology on hardware, software and IT Resources. Today, companies can leverage many of rate existing technology investments as a part of a dynamic customer engagement initiate. Assess your existing technology environment and determine how it can support your customer engagement initiative.

Create feedback mechanism: As you engage customer you are going to learn a lot from them. You need to transform this massive mountain of customer data into actionable insights and decisions that help you continually improvement your customer engagement process while understanding what your customer s want.

Empower your resources: Resources – both human and systems – are your great asserts because they interact with your high valued Customers. As dynamic Customer Engagement Ambassadors, your resources must be always being fully leveraged, empowered, and optimized. As a result your technology infrastructure and workforce optimization technologies must all work in harmony to ensure that resources are always improving and have access to necessary data and tools.

Take Risks: It is a new initiative for most companies. What might work for one company many not work for another? However you should not be afraid to take risks and experiment to improve sales and service performance. The key is to first clearly define and understand what you are trying to accomplish and then assess measurable outcomes. No Pain, No Gain.

Get Help: If your company needs assistance, there are many qualified organizations in the market place to help you, we recommend consulting with one or many of them. They all possess different experiences, but typically share a common goal of improving the customer experience and providing insight from various industries that you can best use when formulating your strategy.


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