YOU are responsible for the ultimate success of the product.

As the product manager, you are a bit of a time traveler. You exist in the past, watching and analyzing how people use the product that is in the market, you exist in the present, working with your engineers to build what needs to be created now and you exist in the future, planning and researching what needs to be created for the future, but you aren’t alone

Many skills that go with product management, including

·      effective communication,

·      project management,

·      feedback analysis,

·      data analysis, and

·      understanding marketing and advertising concepts. 

Going deeper into any of these topics can strengthen the fundamental skills make you a more effective contributor to your product team. 

The first and most important thing to know about product management is that you’re actually not a manager of anybody. 

No one reports to you, you’re nobody’s boss, and you definitely can’t fire anyone. 

This is actually by design because a product manager needs to continuously interact with a number of different people, get maximum collaboration from their engineers, and also the designers that they work with.

Think about it for a second. If you wanted honest feedback from engineers and designers that you work with, but you’re also their boss, do you think they’re going to tell you if they have any disagreements with what you have to say? Probably not. 

So you want them to tell you every single time that they disagree with you.

A product manager is someone that sits in between multiple areas of a company and acts as a communications hub, organizer, an enabler for everyone else.

#productmanager is many things. 

A communications hub,

A prioritizer,

A researcher,

A presenter, 

but most importantly they’re responsible for the ultimate success of the product.

Product managers are communications hubs and jacks-of-all-trades. 

It’s their job to know about a lot of things and sometimes a huge amount about very certain areas depending on what you’re working on.Product managers also get to directly affect every single part of the business. And they interact with every key person on every team from marketing to sales to legal and engineering, and even design, all the way up to executives and often times the investors or the board members. 

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